As human beings, we all have experienced the joy of TRANCENDING something 

Together, we create transcendencies: a community of men and women who recognize and respect this human commonality, and through our communion we not only share individual moments of transcendence, but now are working together to help our collective consciousness transcend...

By contributing your transcendencies, however you have experienced them, whether through communicating, meditating, yoga, by staring at the ceiling, or by having one of those moments where something occurs to you out of the blue and you just know it to be true, you will be joining a community that is constantly observing and growing in order to live a life where we transcend to our fullest expression.

The more we prioritize and honor this concept the more our lives are enhanced. Please share on the blog page what you might think is even the most simple moment of transcendence as well as those that come from the depths of your being. And, if questions arise from these moments, feel free to ask them here!