Lisa is passionate about teaching yoga and its lifestyle because it was through yoga that she transcended every aspect of her life. The first thirty years of her life were guided by habit and conditioning. Yoga lifestyle gradually opened her up to living consciously, compassionately and happily. 

She transcended her low back pain, diet, relationships, inner dialogue, worldly views, and state of being so that her life is continually and successfully becoming more vibrant and peaceful. Her experiences as a parent, a health care attorney, and working with clients with injuries allow her to relate to and impact a broad clientele.

In addition to her private practice, Lisa teaches at Equinox Fitness Club in New York City and she was the founder of Central Park Yoga, 2006-2013. Her one hour yoga DVD, Transcend with Lisa Langer is used by hundreds of students at home and while traveling.

Lisa has a joy and glow she shares with all of us and I leave each class with a brighter attitude.
— David Lutzer, Personal Assistant
After a winter of yoga with Lisa, I am 25 yards longer off the tee this season. It cannot be a coincidence. By the way, I ‘m 66 years old.
— Joel Ackerman, Financer