Working with Lisa made me aware of my body in a way I had never been before… it totally changed how I view and live in my body.
Lisa taught me patience with myself, my body, my family. It’s taught me to appreciate the journey of life, not the destinations. It’s made me so strong, capable and willing to challenge myself. It’s made me love exercise- not just yoga- in a way nothing in my life ever has…it has transformed everything I do with my body from walking and sleeping to doing the dishes.
— Anne Lyons, Mom
Lisa’s style and practice are life-changing. You feel challenged and comfortable all at the same time.
— Meryl Poster, TV Producer
As an athlete, I’ve seen how Lisa’s emphasis on proper balance and form have carried over and helped me improve in everything from skiing to triathlons. I also am sure that yoga with Lisa and the awareness it brings to my posture helps keep my herniated disc nearly pain-free, without surgery or cortisone injections.
— Keith Emmer, Attorney and Entrepreneur
As a woman in her fifties, I have better posture, less stiffness and a new control of my body.
— Kate Ballen, Playwrite and School Counselor
Making yoga accessible to all, Lisa is the “yogini whisperer” for newbies and the advanced and everyone in between. With a lightness of spirit she shares a practice rich in precise knowledge and relatable wisdom.
— Barbara Ginsberg, writer
Lisa dramatically improved my physical and emotional well being during a difficult pregnancy and challenging post-partum period.
— Jeanmarie Fennich, Attorney and Mom
Yoga with Lisa Langer is a transformative experience. I’ve been practicing yoga for 12 years, and Lisa’s approach to yoga is both grounded and magical. Lisa is a powerhouse, who is as much yogi as she is life coach!
— Cheryl McGinnis, Art Gallery Owner
I have often described Lisa’s class to friends, saying that after leaving, I am both exhilarated and relaxed. Always open to her students’ insights and questions, her style makes you want to strive to learn and grow.
— Jane Blumenstein, Mom
Lisa has helped me in so many ways, from pre-vacation body toning to post-surgery rehabilitation, and the work we do carries into every aspect of my life.
— Amy Carniol, Writer
I tried yoga many times over the years on the recommendation of friends and trainers, but it never really did anything for me until I tried a class with Lisa. My body responded to her style of flow combined with deep exploration of certain poses, while her words lit me up spiritually. There was one class where, after the first fifteen minutes of practice, the whole experience was so moving I had goose bumps. After that I was hooked. I’ve been practicing with Lisa in one-on-one sessions for almost ten years now and my body, and, for that matter, my entire life, are transformed. I keep reaching places I never imagined, and then, with a little coaching from Lisa, I keep pushing beyond.
— Mark Strauss, Attorney


Lisa’s instructions are both precise and easeful, the result of which is a sense of self-confidence and calm as I follow along. The video’s soothing music and clean, sunny setting also contribute to an aura of balance and clarity, no matter where I happen to be in the world. Lisa moves with a true combination of grace and strength and that’s exactly how I feel after completing my hour-long practice: graceful and strong. The experience is like an up-close and personal lesson in proper placement and breathing.
— Amy Barr, Writer and Mom
I have had long-time hip pain and I have tried many yoga teachers and styles. After doing Lisa’s DVD my hip and entire body opened up and I feel healed. I’ve been doing it every other day for 4 months and I am pain free. I love her beautiful words and the music.
— Linda Wolff, Fashion Expert and Store Owner
It was an excellent alternative to being in class which I couldn’t fit in my schedule. I am clear minded and relaxed from it and very grateful.
— Rachel Smit, Composer and Musician
So glad I was able to purchase this today. The kids are off from school and I really needed something to re-set my mind and body without having to leave the kids. Your video was perfect! They even practiced with me for the 1st 20 minutes
— Ava Shoenberg, Mom
What a beautiful offering and balanced practice. I loved
how seamless it felt.
— Kevin Courtney, Yogi and Musician
I just did your DVD. Thank you. 12 hours in the car to take my son to Boston. I ate donuts for breakfast - haven’t done that in years. Husband is mad at me. It’s cold out. It was SO good to hear your voice and yoga with you. Broke my downward cycle. xoxoxo
— Marsha Cohen, Attorney and Mom