Transcending Exhaustion

Are you feeling exhausted? In learning to honor ourselves, which you are doing by reading this blog :), a heightened awareness about sleep and energy levels is essential. WE ARE THE MASTERS OF OUR LIVES. It is possible to create a life that is vibrant and rested, where we are AWAKE enough to show up for ourselves at our best.  

Contemplate these questions to help you transcend your ordinary consciousness:  

Are you respecting your needs for quality sleep, adequate quantity of sleep and awake relaxation time?

Are you engaging in excessive activities and obligations for misaligned reasons when you could be taking the time to replenish and nurture yourself? 

What and who makes you inappropriately tired? 

And lastly, do you have judgments about laziness toward yourself and other people if you or they sleep or nap more than a certain number of hours a day?

Begin to become aware of your relationship to your precious and appropriate need for sleep and relaxation time to begin to TRANSCEND mediocrity into brilliance...