Transcending Moods

Are you feeling moody lately? Are you wishing you felt better about your life, your work, your relationships or yourSELF? Might you be less patient, grateful, kind or compassionate than you would like to be?  

A first step to consciously transcend your undesired mood is to bring nonjudgmental awareness to your current state, just as it is. Breathe in whatever it is you are feeling in this moment and breathe it out. Breathe it in and breathe it out. Really feel it and refrain from medicating it with food, drink, a person or an activity. Allow your whole being to actually experience the mood, without pushing it away.  

A second step is to consciously embrace the part of you that is angry, tired, frustrated, impatient, resentful or sad. Know that as human beings, we all have these moods and that there is nothing wrong with you. Now, recognize that because you would never choose to feel that emotion, it is therefore a subconscious part of you that has been triggered by someone or something but that it is part of you. Refrain from blaming something or someone for your mood. Instead, deliberately send loving energy to that mood, all the way to the core of your most innocent self. See, from the depth of your being, this part of you receptive to your own love and respect. Breathe in, and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. Smile if it feels authentic.  

You just transmuted your mood from a difficult one, to one of love and acceptance. In this way, we can heal ourselves. Repeat whenever you realize you want to transcend your mood...